Rust Developer

DroneSense Denton, Texas
rust rust language telemetry hardware test calls programming high reliability high performance systems performance systems websockets networking
March 1, 2023
Denton, Texas
What will I be doing?
Using the Rust language to add new features for first responder drone pilots to control their aircraft and send telemetry and video to other pilots.
Create features and bug fixes
Add support for new drone hardware and accessories
Follow and evolve Rust development best practices
Fly drones to test and validate your changes
Would I be a good match for this position?
This opportunity to innovate calls for a Rust developer who has strong programming fundamentals plus a proven interest in solving for high performance and high reliability situations.
At least 5 years experience building high performance systems with Rust/C/C+/Go or similar language
Must have 2+ years experience with Rust
Experience using Tokio/Tower and websockets for networking and concurrent processing
Experience with bindgen and bridging to C libraries
MAVLink experience a huge plus
Excited about working with drones, robotics, and first responders
Our Technology
GitLab CI

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