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Starbucks Canton, TX
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May 27, 2023
Canton, TX


*How to apply: Please apply through Prosperity Bank's Career Center at and to find more job opportunities with our company. Please note by not applying through the Prosperity Bank Career Center website may cause a delay in the consideration of your application for this position. Please also note these instructions on how to apply do not apply to current Prosperity Bank employees.*

Perform numerous functions including processing deposits, withdrawals, posting to general ledger accounts, cashing negotiable items, processing loan payments, savings bonds, and cashier’s checks while promoting the bank’s products and services and providing excellent customer service. 


  1. Assumes responsibility for the efficient, effective, and accurate performance of Teller functions.
    • Represents the bank in a courteous and professional manner.
    • Receives and processes deposits.
    • Receives and processes loan payments.
    • Cashes checks and other negotiable instruments for clients.
    • Examines documents for endorsements and negotiability.
    • Processes transfers between accounts.
    • Sells traveler’s checks, official checks, and money orders.
    • Processes credit card cash advances.
    • Verifies and balances cash daily.
    • Detects and resolves discrepancies promptly.
    • Offers other Bank products to meet customer needs and strengthen the relationship.
    • Has no more than one proof error within a 30-day period.
    • Follow Teller procedures consistently and adheres to compliance requirements.
    • Other duties as assigned.
  2. Assumes responsibility for establishing and maintaining effective, professional business relations with clients.
    • Ensures that client requests and inquiries are promptly resolved.
    • Operates online teller terminal.
    • Maintains privacy of customer information.
    • Ensures that the Bank’s quality reputation is maintained and projected.
  3. Assumes responsibility for establishing and maintaining effective coordination and working relationships with area personnel and with management.
    • Assists area personnel as required.
    • Assists with training or orientation as needed.
    • Keeps supervisor informed of area activities and of any problems or concerns.
    • Completes required reports and records accurately and promptly.
    • Attends meetings and training classes that may be held on weekdays, evenings, and/or Saturdays.
  4. Assumes responsibility for related duties as required or assigned.
    • Performs night drop functions as assigned.
    • Performs related clerical duties as assigned.
    • Ensures that work areas are clean, secure, and well maintained.
    • Cross sells Bank products and services.


  1. Teller functions are efficiently, effectively, and accurately performed in accordance with established policies, standards, and security procedures.
  2. Cash is balanced and any discrepancies promptly resolved. A balancing record that meets established standards is maintained.
  3. Good business relations exist with clients. Client problems and inquiries are courteously and promptly resolved.
  4. Good working relationships and coordination exist with area personnel and with management. Assistance is provided to other Tellers and staff as needed. Supervisors are appropriately informed of area activities.
  5. Required reports and records are accurate, complete, and timely.
  6. Consistently strives to develop new client relationships as well as strengthen existing client relationships by identifying opportunities to sell Bank products and services.
  7. The Bank’s professional reputation is maintained and conveyed.


High school graduate or equivalent.
Required Knowledge:        
Understanding of Bank operations preferred.
Experience Required:        
At least one year of related experience/cash handling required.
Previous Teller experience preferred.
Good communication skills.
Professional appearance, dress, and attitude.
Good math skills.  
Good typing skills.
Ability to operate related computer applications and business equipment including adding machine, typewriter, copy machine, coin and money counting machines, and telephone.      

Hours: Monday - Friday 7:15 AM - 4:15 PM. Saturday (Rotating) 7:45 AM - 12:15 PM.
40 hours per week.

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